Tomky Travel Writing


Private classes and pitch-coaching

Naomi offers one-on-one tutoring, ghost-editing, pitch-coaching, and other services to further your career as a food and travel writer. Please contact Naomi via email at to inquire.

Food and travel writing workshops

Naomi does not currently have any food or travel writing workshops scheduled. If you’re interested in having her teach a workshop or class, contact Naomi via email at

Student Comments

I signed up for 4 different classes and this class has been the best;  I learned so much about travel writing (or any writing for that matter) through hands-on work as well as from the class lectures.

I really liked her straight forward style of communication and discipline.

This class also showed me how much more I need to learn & practice, but I felt encouraged to go forward rather than pushed into a corner.

It’s probably been the best I’ve taken with Writer’ as well. I’ve learned a lot and I have the tools to keep going, which is the most important thing.

The fact that I’m even thinking about submitting this article for publication is a testament to the quality of this class. That wasn’t even a possibility in my mind when I signed up, but now I’m looking forward to trying!